Wondered How PM Narendra Modi keeps himself active through out the day?!


Have you ever thought how PM of a biggest democracy and a man who is known for dedicating about 16 hours of the day to the country copes up with the hectic schedule? His corporate style of working like a CEO has made him so popular for his leadership style, abilities to get things done faster and for being an extraordinary orator.

Let’s learn what gives him the power boosters through out the day.

Wakes up at 5am

Waking up early morning will help him to finish his refreshing activities. This time is called as “Brahma muhurtham” in vedic culture and this itself is a very precious time to start the day.

Yoga & Meditation

No matter where he is, he strictly practices yoga and meditation for a minimum of 30 minutes. As we all know Yoga re-energises the body and Meditation energises the mind by releasing stress. With his consistent practice of Yoga & Meditation daily is playing its magic.

Strict Food Habit

For break fast, lunch and dinner he likes to have Gujarati food like kichdi, bhakri and butter milk. He believes in having light food which keeps him active through out the day. Also he follows strict timings for break fast, lunch & dinner and keeps himself hydrated with plenty of water.

Love for the country

More than anything his unconditional love for the welfare of the country keeps him going how much ever the hectic schedule it is. Dedicating for the good of the nation is something keeps him motivated all the time.

What we can learn from his schedule and his mindset towards work is, we need to first love our work and plan the work in a way that it don’t create mess which makes things stressful. Also build a healthy lifestyle & food habits to keep yourself supercharged throughout the day.


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