From ‘Sevaiyan’ to Packaged Cup Noodles : Where is the Indian Food Standards Heading?


India has always been a land of diverse & delicious cuisines which included fresh and healthy products ensuring perfect fitness in families. Although the Indian items included the addition of several spices, the altogether result was tasty and full of nourishment. We can see a drastic evolution in the standard of living of people not only in the urban sectors but also in the rural ones.

Busy Lifestyle

People have busier schedules and thus indulge in consuming more and more of packaged and processed food items rather than fresh preparations. Instant food items, take away food which consists of unhealthy preservatives, bottled beverages and frozen foods form a spectacularly large part of our lives today. But how many do actually realize the proximity of the negative aspects arisen due to such unhealthy lifestyle?

High Levels Of Saturated Fats, Sugar and Salts

As per the recent study by Oxford University, it was noted that high levels of saturated fats, sugar and salts form most of the packaged food items and drinks which are manufactured in India. Thus we are at the top in the production of detrimental food products. After examining more than four lac edible packaged products from the 12 major countries of the world, the George Institute for Global Health at the Oxford University have ranked the countries according to their health factors where half a point is the least healthy and ‘5’ marks are the most healthy. After the total calculation, India miserably stood at the bottom with the fact that it produces and consumes the most unhealthy processed food items and beverages. The United Nations and the United Kingdom take the top positions with the evidence of relatively healthier food habits.

Rise in Various Physical & Mental Ailments

What everyone fails to understand is that the inculcation of such unhealthy diet can lead to several health issues with obesity being at the apex of it all. We can see the rise in various physical & mental ailments like high cholesterol level, diabetes, depression and at times premature cardiac arrest.

According to the renowned Elizabeth Dunford, one of the lead authors of the study, the developed countries manage to keep the health issues in check but the poorer ones fall prey to the compromised quality of food items. This only leads to the constant depletion of good health everywhere. Consumers have access to the brilliantly stacked rows of packaged food and drinks in the supermarkets , thus making the purchase of these products very prominent.

Finding a Way

According to the study, China and South Africa managed to level their scores by excelling in the standards of their drinks and food respectively. Co-author Professor Bruce Neal, who is also the Acting Executive Director of The George Institute, believes that this era, with the increase in consumption of processed food, is just the beginning of the impending graveness of a calamity. Obesity is a major issue with various others in women especially. He strongly focuses on finding a way through which the food industry can prosper and grow by selling healthy food rather than the toxic ones.

Goal of A Healthy World

Luckily, it also has been noted that the International Food and Beverage Alliance have accepted the world’s biggest producers of these packaged products among them who in turn have committed to reduce the levels of harmful substances in their products. Eventually the aim of this study was to take the huge step towards dedicated change. It is high time now for India and also other countries to take a rain check of their incorrect approach towards health issues, especially the producers to actively participate and achieve the goal of a healthy world.


  1. Nice Blog, Its true From Grand Pa generation to till present we are seeing lots of changes from home food to Packed. That’s why now a days we are seeing more peoples admitted to Hospitals due to packed and outside foods.


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