10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Drinking Self Urine (Shivambu Kalpa)


Not many people know about auto-urine therapy. In Sanskrit it is known by the name Shivambu Kalpa. It is practised by collecting and drinking one’s own urine during precious times of the day as mentioned in it’s vidhi. This if practised under guidance of an expert has the potential to transform yourself to become super healthy and strong. Also it comes with spiritual advantages where a person who practices it consistently according to the vidhi, he may achieve the spiritual siddhis. Read below the list of auto-urine therapy benefits.

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Auto Urine Therapy

Treats microbial infection

Urine contains some amount antibodies and immune substances which protect the body from several antigens that may attack our body. It means that you can cure diseases that cause due to parasites by rubbing it on the skin or consuming it.

Cure disease on skin

Certain types of fungi can expand and cause several health problems to your body especially disease on the skin. Routinely rubbing your own urine can help you to get rid of many types of skin infections.

Battling Viral Infections

Virus is one of the dangerous pathogen which can cause serious health issues to humans. Some disease which trigger a viral infection such as hepatitis, flu and etc can be treat by auto-urine therapy. The antibody included in urine may suppress the viral infection and help to stop it.

Relieve constipation

As a salty liquid, urine can also be used to treat bowel problems. When urine moves toward the colon, it binds the waste material and it makes bowel movement easy thus helping to relieve from constipation issues.

Cure the indication of auto-immune disease

Auto-immune illness is a disorder of immune system which the immune cells consume the healthier tissue of the body. It causes several diseases such as arthritis. By consuming own urine, people thought they can treat the symptom and based on the experience of some people, it is effective to reduce joint pain and minimise the reaction of immune cells.

Avoid hair loss

According to a book “Guide of Auto-urine therapy” says that rubbing urine on the scalp can promote hair growth and avoid hair loss. Urine can also be mixed with potato starch to do this function.

Cure pimples

Urine contains anti-bacterial properties which can help treat pimple problem. Most pimples are caused by the infection of P. Bacteria and urine can get rid of these parasites from the skin.

Fight cancer

Yes. You heard it right. It could be the most unbelievable health advantages of auto-urine therapy. People thought consuming urine prevents developing cancer. In 1970 and 1980, a study conducted by a professor of internal medicine, Evangelos Danopoulos; He has done a treatment process to treat cancer patients. It is reported that auto-urine therapy can kill the cells of cancer and restrict cancer tissues to increase and proliferate.

Detoxify the blood

Urine is formed by 95% water and remaining salt, minerals & antibodies. Urine is not considered as harmful and it can help the body to cleanse blood veins same as pure mineral water. Sometimes many people suffer survival condition with lack of water is suggested to drink the urine. The salt included in urine will help to remove harmful substance and bring it out from the body.

Promotes healthier heart

Urine contains an enzyme which is known as urokinase. This enzyme can restrict arteries or veins from blocking due to accumulation of bad fat. Urokinase also strengthens heart and veins functioning.

It is fascinating to know. isn’t it? But in certain conditions it is not recommended to follow this practise. To know about this it is advised to consult a person who is an expert in this therapy.




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