10 Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy after having sex


Most people try to have a protected sex but often are not able to have one. This can be caused due to the failure of most careful processes which is pretty normal. It may sound terrifying but it is a fact. The protective actions often are not able to guard you or your partner against the results of intercourse. As we know the birth control pill actions are taken to protect the two of you from the outcome of sexual intercourse, but these actions also don’t succeed all the time.

Preventing pregnancy is possible through natural as well as contemporary types of the birth control techniques. Natural types of avoiding pregnancy cannot give cent-percent results. However, contemporary types of birth control technique can prove to be reliable.

10 Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy after having sex


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To avoid pregnancy naturally, cinnamon is an effective home remedy. Sink the cinnamon sticks overnight and drink that water. It can be useful for stimulating the uterus which causes abortion.

Vitamin C

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The benefits of Vitamin C are countless and well known for treating scurvy disease. It also serves as an ideal and secure birth control medicine.

Dried apricots

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Dried apricots are recommended to be consumed right after intercourse when it is in the initial stage. So eat apricots right after sexual intercourse for efficient results.


It is known as a natural birth control technique solution as it cuts down on the sperm mobility which ends up in zero chances of fertilising. It can be useful for avoiding pregnancy.


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Consuming papaya right after intercourse allows prevent pregnancy as it is known as an efficient home remedy for undesirable pregnancy.

Ginger root

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A commonly found kitchen ingredient which will help to stop undesirable pregnancy and this could be a very effective solution to your problem.


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Withdrawal is where you trust your partner to pull out before he ejaculates — is the most planned and effective form of birth control technique, believe it or not.

Don’t Have Unsecured Sex During Your Period

typical false impression is that having sex while you are on your period can’t get you pregnant. There is never a secure time for having sex. There is a reason why sperms are called swimmers – because they travel through the liquid to fertilise with an egg. Moreover unprotected sex during periods have a high infection potential leading to serious conditions.


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Condoms, when used properly are proven to avoid pregnancy 98%. Condoms might be a good means for you if you’re not into the idea of medications, devices or injections, or if you also want to guard yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.


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